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Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol


The purpose of the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol is to combine the efforts and economic resources of the various municipalities to create and maintain services that benefit them all and, in particular, those defined in the articles of association of the Association of Municipalities, which include:

The study, planning, project and development of municipal works, installations and services, consultancy and control or inspection through the creation of a common Technical Office for all member municipalities of the Association.

To finance those works, installations and services of this nature that are undertaken within the territory of the municipalities that comprise the Association of Municipalities, as well as the operation and maintenance thereof, in order to provide an adequate service. This activity is directly managed through a public company called ACOSOL, S.A.

Destruction and techno-sanitary treatment of solid waste and provision of a collection service.

To promote and foster tourism, with the possibility to cooperate with other bodies at a national, regional or provincial level.

Mechanical cleaning and, depending on the municipality in question, implementation of the Coastal Development Plan (Plan de Ordenación de Costas in Spanish) and regulation of the temporary beach concessions.

Fleet of mechanical equipment to be used for common services (lighting, cleaning, sewage, beach cleaning, etc.) or assigned to member municipalities.

The Association of Municipalities may take on other specific activities as proposed by the corresponding Informative Committee, which will consist of the service delegates from each municipality and the corresponding members of the Management Committee. Such activities must then be approved by the Management Committee, ratified by the municipality or municipalities affected and may include issues related to culture, the environment, sports or other matters of a municipal nature.

The Association of Municipalities consists of the 11 municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol and its purpose is to combine their efforts and economic resources for the creation and maintenance of services that benefit them all.

As a supramunicipal body, it creates the conditions necessary for the proposal of initiatives aimed at implementing action and services that cover the entire region. Furthermore, it enables municipalities with fewer material and human resources to achieve more efficient management of their services with significant repercussions on the welfare of their citizens.

The following are among the most pressing matters dealt with by the Association of Municipalities:

- water supply and sanitation
- treatment of solid urban waste
- beaches
- promotion and fostering of tourism
- urban planning and development
- fleet of mechanical equipment
- development of national and European projects
- activities related to culture, social welfare, sports, training, etc.

Within the framework of these powers, the Association of Municipalities has been able to develop several projects that have greatly benefited the economic development of the Costa del Sol and have been an excellent example of the public management of resources for the good of the whole community. Such is the case of the public company ACOSOL, S.A., which was set up by the Association of Municipalities to manage the water supply and sanitation services in the member municipalities.

In terms of solid urban waste, the Association of Municipalities makes a concerted effort to find the best way to treat this waste whilst also respecting the environment. The result has been the development of methods aimed at the reassessment of waste to derive possible benefits from it. The reuse of solid urban waste through recycling also reduces pollution levels.

We, at the Association of Municipalities, believe in the need to seek ways to transform waste into energy, to recover materials for the manufacture of useful products, to obtain high-quality compost, to minimise environmental impact… in short, to give new value to waste and introduce the right processes to make the most of it. Environment and SUW Department (Delegación Medio Ambiente y RSU in Spanish),

Until now, the water supply and sanitation service together with the waste treatment service have been the strong points of the management activity undertaken by the Association of Municipalities. However, the future for this supramunicipal body is aimed at its consolidation as the main instrument for the social and economic development of the Costa del Sol with actions that go beyond previous objectives. The Association of Municipalities is becoming an entity in which to place the needs of the member municipalities and thus offer an efficient and effective response through the provision of services that will cover these needs.

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